Looking Through the Heart of Galesburg

During Greater Galesburg Day.

The Lawton UFO: Lost in Time or Lost in Space?

While chatting with a fellow Vicks/Gales/Blog editor last week our conversation briefly settled on UFOs. We were both familiar with eyewitnesses of the same UFO sighting; and as it turns out this wasn’t just ANY old UFO sighting either, this is one of the earliest sightings of the “Black triangle” variant (space?)craft.

This area is . . . → Read More: The Lawton UFO: Lost in Time or Lost in Space?

Elvis Has Left the Beard-ing!

AT least I hope so…it sounds as if that’s the dead giveaway in his efforts to lay low in Vicksburg.Â

 Wait, let’s start over. I’m sure we all remember the great Vicksburg Elvis flap of the late 80’s. I sure do, and I wasn’t even living here at the time. It made the . . . → Read More: Elvis Has Left the Beard-ing!

ROSEBUD, Michael Jackson

LOST BLANKET (member of the family) We lost my 3 year old’s blanket at Battle Creek Central, Tuesday (3/4/08) night. We were at the class C quater final (Dansville vs. Galesburg-Augusta). It’s a white down throw with pink rose buds. This blanket is very important to him! Please call Jessi at 269-xxx-xxxx. Thanks

(From MiLive.com . . . → Read More: ROSEBUD, Michael Jackson

Galesburg Speedway: “Clear the air on the rumors”

 The Galesburg Speedway is reporting this on its web site:

RUMOR CLARRIFICATION Yes it is that time of year again and once again we just better clear the air on the rumors. Galesburg Speedway is not for sale nor has it been sold. Galseburg Speedway has been owned and operated by the Warning family . . . → Read More: Galesburg Speedway: “Clear the air on the rumors”

Greater Galesburg Days Pleases The Children Of The Town

I am glad that, after its long and controversial history, the Vicksblog has included Galesburg in it’s heady realm. Galesburg has much to offer that Vicksburg does not, like the Greater Galesburg Days Parade. See the happy children as they parade!

. . . → Read More: Greater Galesburg Days Pleases The Children Of The Town

Carp Pond Vicksburg, Michigan

[youtube S_tXTeoGOsM] more from Sammo371

Vicksburg Water Tower

Vicksburg Water Tower

Originally uploaded by sammo371

Vicksburg Water Tower by sammo371 check out his other awesome Vicksburg pics at http://www.flickr.com/photos/sammo371/


The spiritualist campgrounds and the rumors of devil worship. The skinned dog I found there once. The family that saw Elvis. The pastabilities are endless.


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