The spiritualist campgrounds and the rumors of devil worship.
The skinned dog I found there once.
The family that saw Elvis.
The pastabilities are endless.


3 comments to Why VICKSBLOG?!

  • u1oo

    mmmmm pasta

  • I have joined, though I am upset that this is not the Vicks/GalesBLOG. Small town Michigan needs to get on the Intertubes.

    I will share, soon, an un-named source’s story of Elvis Lady talk.

  • admin

    Too true Mr. Guano. The bank in Augusta is soon to close its doors and I have nowhere to mourn (complain), but was unable to come up with a clever way to incorporate Augusta into the _____BLOG motif.

    Maybe an all-encompassing/ambiguous small town title would be best. Suggestions are welcome.

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