Elvis Has Left the Beard-ing!

AT least I hope so…it sounds as if that’s the dead giveaway in his efforts to lay low in Vicksburg. 

 Wait, let’s start over.  I’m sure we all remember the great Vicksburg Elvis flap of the late 80’s.  I sure do, and I wasn’t even living here at the time.  It made the cover of the Weekly World News, fer cry-yi, and i was totally addicted to the rants of Ed Anger at the time.  Imagine my surprise at seeing a classmate’s mother on the cover of the same fine publication that brought us the great saga of Bat Boy and the alien who advises the presidents with a Jackie Wilson-like hand-to-the-mouth gesture.

Anyway, I found a really nice human interest story on it that made it into a book.  The author, Sue Hubbell, grew up in our area, became a writer for New Yorker, and came back to SW Lower Michigan to investigate the Elvis sightings.  Here’s a link:


I like how she squeezed in mentions of Mar-Jos AND Fraser’s Grove, the hotbed of Spiritualism.  More on THAT later!

2 comments to Elvis Has Left the Beard-ing!

  • Dingus Fingey

    Oh crud! I guess i can’t edit once I hit “publish,” huh? Sorry for the clumsy writing, folks. I promise to do better in the future.

  • I do have a source who contacted the subject. He is skittish about appearing to call someone’s bearings into question in public.

    He does say that she still believes that she saw the King. In fact, she KNOWS she saw ELVIS! What, do you think she’s LYING! She wouldn’t LIE about a thing like that! And etc.

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